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Welcome to my section

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    Welcome to my section

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jonathan and i'm happy to be able to offer you my straps as an official supporting vendor here!

    To make a story short, i started out back in june 2012, when my son was born, to make some straps for myself.

    I've always been creative and handy so why not try to make my own?

    Having time to kill while my son was asleep, i tried some.

    Ok... the first ones weren't very good as i never worked with leather before. I've watched many videos, read pretty much everything i could find and off to the work bench again to try some new techniques.

    Time has passed, and after about 400 straps or so, my work is up to what it is now and constantly evolving with new stuff and techniques.

    I do this on my spare time as a hobby (wich has grown to a quite serious one i must say!) since i have my own career as well that require quite alot of my time too.

    I try to offer a wide variety of skins and hides that are somewhat quite... exotic!

    The range goes to regular cowhide to exotics like cane toads and alligator, without forgetting the real vintage stuff that i can get my hands on.

    I do not limit myself to these, if you don't see what you would like, simply ask and i'll do my best to find it.

    For people who may ask, i'm located in Quebec, Canada, near Montreal and i speak french as well so don't be shy if you prefer your transaction to be in french

    All the straps can be shipped worldwide.

    You can also visit my website for more details.

    But all the pics i take are being uploaded on instagram,

    So if you want to see more of my work, IG is definitly the place to go.

    Thanks everyone and thanks to the RWI staff to allow me such a privilege to be here! Such a nice place to be!



    Good to see you as a vendor here. great straps
    For all that is good in the world read the sales rules BEFORE making a sale

    sub4me You should buy from TxThrob, he has his own thread here.


      Thanks Jason!


        One of the first M2M watches I bought came with a Bond tailored strap it was excellent two years ago and is still excellent today. Congratulations on your section here at RWI.
        Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely


          Welcome as a vendor and hope to see some of your good works in pictures here


            great looking work! I was checking out your photo thread and you've got some fantastic looking stuff


              Congrats on getting a spot over here Jon! Glad to see it.


                Thanks guys!!!


                  Congrats buddy!
                  Very nice looking straps!
                  "If you take yourself too seriously, no one else will."


                    Been eyeing some of your straps for awhile. Nice to have you on board.
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                      You do beautiful work!


                        Welcome, although a bit late, to RWI. It's nice to see a Qc resident vendor in here. You have a great looking gallery. Nice work!


                          Originally posted by zedleppelin13, post: 3776068, member: 82420
                          Welcome, although a bit late, to RWI. It's nice to see a Qc resident vendor in here. You have a great looking gallery. Nice work!
                          Thank you sir!


                            Hey are you still making straps , very curious