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ZF FACTORY Blancpain Horloge Fifty Fathoms 45mm 5015E-1130-B52A

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    ZF FACTORY Blancpain Horloge Fifty Fathoms 45mm 5015E-1130-B52A

    product details

    Collection of ZF Collection [Feng Xiong is generous and generous, everyone style is fan-like]
    *Super luminous, wide and thick case design, elegant blue sapphire and bezel, the first ancestor of diving.
    [Technical Difficulties] The bezel made of sapphire is the most valuable part of the watch. The hardness of sapphire is comparable, the crunch is strange, and it is very difficult. The reason is that in order to achieve the effect of the original outfit, it is aggressive and thin and powerful. The rate of finished products can only be controlled at about 3 to 5 layers.
    [The essence of the essence] The case of the domineering side leaky case is very exquisite. Every polishing or drawing is done by the ZF watchmaker. * Make sure that the effect fruit and the god rhyme can go with zp.
    ZF produces fakes, which must be fine. 50 seeks, you do n’t deserve

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