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Fifty Fathoms 5015C SS Black ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Nylon Strap A1315 AQUA LUNG

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    Originally posted by cyblade View Post
    I have ordered it from my chinese contact. I ask to make a video of bezel rotation, how can i post it?
    Youtube or Vimeo i guess


      cyblade hi, did you take the watch? What is your own impression of the bezel assembly?


        Hello, yes i did. Honestly I have never verified the gen one, but the functioning of the bezel does not seem bad at all as it was described above.


          Originally posted by johnlogan View Post

          Dear Matt
          My Aqua Lung has zero wobble or bezel play and that great.
          It’s the bezel clicks spring & retaining system that sucks. The materials used are not powerful enough to make this firm and loud enough to feel and sound GEN.

          Mine turns way to easy and the clicks are terrible.

          4.25 listen to a GEN sound.

          The watch looks great but don’t feel very GEN. I would pay $ 200 for $10 in Chinese parts.

          Its just too bad there is zero spare parts around for this model or I would replace them myself.
          Mine turns like this.