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Holy Cow - Pam 111

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    Holy Cow - Pam 111

    Received my Pam 111 last week from BK. I wanted to give it a little wrist time before writing a quick review. First impression is holy cow. It’s a really beauty, just everything I could hav hoped for and more. Keeps excellent time and I just can’t take my eyes off it it. Front payment to receipt of watch it took about 11 days.

    Im not used to having a manual watch so it’s taken me a little while to get into the swing of winding daily. I do wish the power reserve was a bit longer mine has clocked in at about 32 hours give or take. Ideally I would like to get at least two full days out of it. But I’ve gotten into the habit of a morning wind on the way to work.

    Thanks BK! I’ll be saving up for a no date sub next.

    Just wanted to add some photos of this beautiful Pam.