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BR 03-92 Steel V3 Review

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    BR 03-92 Steel V3 Review

    Hi all,
    Had this for over a week now and decided its time for a review. Originally I actually wanted the Black BR03-92 Ceramic, but after ordering and sending payment, the TD said not available :/ .. Pick another watch. I picked another ceramic, same story, anyhow after a few rounds of this I asked if they could get hold of the Steel v3, if not I was just going to throw the towel in and give up. So here we are.

    The feel, fit and finish on this watch is actually very very good! Has a very good quality feel to it with a nice weight making it feel very substantial. The finishing is fantastic, the combination of brushed and polished surfaces give this watch a really nice sparkle. It is driven by a reliable Miyota 9015, which is a workhorse. The case is very well put together, fine piece of engineering. Onto some pics:

    The crystal is perfect, very clear with a beautiful double anti reflective coating giving it a nice blue hue on some angles, front on the crystal disappears. One of the best out of factory AR coats I have seen. The crazy thing is if you watch the video at the end of this review, the rep crystal looks clearer than the gens!

    The dial is Supposed to have more of a texture on this update, but its very minimal, not as much as gen. But you would have to have them both side by side, and look very closely to notice the difference.

    Crown is as per gen (still need to get blue sticky stiff of mine) but shape is perfect. Date wheel is slightly sunken, this is not a big deal, and again would need gen next to it to realize the difference.

    The buckle and strap both feel great, solid and sturdy, feeling very secure on the wrist.

    Caseback is nice, as per gen, however the engravings would have been nicer if they were deeper. The other issue here is the brushing is a slightly more coarse, and not as fine as the gen, or other parts of the watch.

    Lume is very good, however it is a flaw because the gen actually has Blue lume rather than green. But it is nice and bright.

    Few extra shots:


    This is a fantastic rep, I really love the quality and feel of it! Running a Miyota 9015 gives me even more confidence as its a solid japanese made movement that should run without problems, I love this movement and have never had any problems compared to Asian movements which are put together in god knows what sort of conditions. I like a solid reliable watch, and this really hits the mark for me. People are concerned with the Noise of Miyota's but my watch is actually very quiet.

    There are a few flaws that some purists may struggle to accept, but they are very minor, and only someone that s an expert on the brand, or more likely a member of the board her could call out. If you are into the B&R brand I highly recommend this model, it really has a Gen feel and presence to it.

    Just to prove my point how close it is, check this video review a watch reviewer from Perth Australia put up, comparing Gen and Rep:

    Thankyou for reading.
    Enjoy your watches

    Thanks for the review ! Nice watch, I've got the 03-92 heritage and I love it.
    How is the datewheel on this version? Is the date slightly misaligned too or has it been fixed ?

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      some dates are a little more centered than others, bit its very slight


        The ultimate classic Bell and Ross!
        Very nice watch (to bad for the lume though).
        ​​​​​​Also, so many strap options to play with.


          What factory is this from? NWBIG list says ZF makes the 'best' ones of these but I thought ZF got raided..


            Nice watch