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    Originally posted by AmirMK View Post

    Hi there,

    Appreciate the feedback.

    Yes, I've already sourced the necessary gen parts (e.g. Dial/Tachymeter), and also have a budget of around that price so that sounds great!

    However, I'm curious to know how to go around sourcing custom parts (e.g. hands/date wheel) - however as QueTip explained, this shouldn't be a problem as there are members that can source these parts (Mikey2008 & Edgematic), which is idea.
    FYI: Sourcing gen hands is virtually impossible in my experience..

    Thanks again guys
    You're pretty much out of luck on the Mikey dw same with the hands unfortunately. Keep an eye on m2m for a date wheel (not seen hands in a very long time). In my opinion the date wheel created by Legend is superior, the quality and finish is outstanding, not sure on availability drop him a pm if interested. Hopefully he keeps producing them.


      Originally posted by tosoboso View Post

      Oh boy, I actually have one of those on the way. Shall I cancel it?) Dear god, it’s so hard to plan things around here
      When you use the word “superfranken” T it likely means a genstein.

      When newbies use it, often it has just a gen dial and tachy in it. Herein lies the main difference lol.

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        Originally posted by Garuda View Post

        this is getting too funny. click on mikeys sig link to check stock. that domain link will have legend QueTip laughing on the floor
        a few people not members on rg message me for mikey web domain.


          Originally posted by Garuda View Post

          a few people not members on rg message me for mikey web domain.
          Mikes new font on white is just wonderful