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How to build a low beat Diver, or how to make a almost perfect rep a bit more perfect

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    How to build a low beat Diver, or how to make a almost perfect rep a bit more perfect

    How to build a low beat Diver, or how to make a almost perfect rep a bit more...

    Hi guys, since JF and noob make almost perfect reps of the AP Diver is there not to much to do for a good AP rep.
    But as we know the AP 3120 is a low beat movement with 21.600 beats per hour. The most diver reps come with an A2824 movement with 28.800 bph.
    So is the low beat mod one of the last mods you need for a perfect rep.
    I have done a low beat mod and I will share that with you guys.

    First step is finding a low beat movement.
    I have some old swatch automatic with ETA 2840 movements.
    The 2840 is a low beat and perfect for that mode because it's the same base as the 2824 high beat.

    When I was younger I was a swatch collector and I had many of that watches.
    But now they must die.

    Sorry guys but I need your heart, but you can continue to live in a much much nicer steel body....hehe
    Here is what we want...

    So let's pull the 2840 out and take it apart

    Remove all the bridges, wheels and springs and at the end we have a Swiss movement in parts.

    Next step is clean all the parts in a ultrasonic bath

    If that is done we need a new body for the Swiss movement and here comes the Diver into the game

    I have here a Diver from a friend at the forum, build from the best parts available.

    we start here with the same procedures as before, take the whole think apart

    Case back

    Anti magnetic plate

    Next step is pull the movement out of the case

    Remove the hands

    And the dial

    And as before, take the whole Asian movement apart

    At the end these are the only Chinese parts we use for the new build

    And here are our Swiss friends joining the party, freshly cleaned and ready to install

    first we start with the keyless

    Next step is the date wheel

    Ok, let's turn this baby around and see what is at the other side

    Nothing beats a fresh cleaned movement.....

    Next step is the Swiss gear train

    And the Swiss bridge.

    Now I install the pallet fork and bridge. Sorry for the bad pic but I need much light for that step

    I install the next bridge, the barrel bridge and wind up the movement a bit.

    Well and now comes the best part for me... the heart.

    I really love the moment when the movement starts to live.

    Nice and slow....hehe

    Ok, now we install the last bridge

    And than the dial and the hands

    And than back into the case

    Greasing all the gaskets and push the stem back to the movement

    Ok now it's time for the first check if all work fine

    And yes, it looks pretty good.

    Now we put back the rotor, I use here the AP rep rotor even if you can't see it but it's nice to know he is there

    Cleaning the case from the old grease, screw the anti magnetic plate back to the movement and close the case back.

    That's it, now we have a nice AP Diver rep with an nice ticking Swiss low beat movement.
    One step closer to the gen Diver and now nearly a perfect rep.
    I know some of you think now "why? You can't notice the beat rate anyway" but that is wrong.
    You see the second hand move totally differently with 21.600 bpm.
    And you can notice that for sure if you see the watch.
    And you can also hear it.

    I hope you enjoy this little inside and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    And one more think, after that mod your diver is not just closer to the gen, your movement is also...

    Water resistant....I just love that Swiss guys...hehe

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    Great thread Chris. When I saw the title I knew I was in for a good read. Really well done. One advantage of low beat is a longer PR.


      Nice work, thanks for taking the time to post this.

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        Amazing pictorial! Great work as always!
        Looking for:

        Any AP RO/ROO Working/Faulty/Damaged
        Cartier Balon Bleu 36mm
        IWC 5001/5007 gen dial


          amazing work, its very nice to have watchsmithing skill


            Amazing Chris, rep points for you


              Fantastic thread Chris, thanks for taking the time to share

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                Nice tutorial! Jealous that you have the skills to pull this off


                  very nice chris,great to read


                    Cool thread, awesome disassembly pics. I still think a powermatic is a better choice for a variety of reasons, but you do the 2840 justice!


                      Thanks guys for the nice comments.
                      The powermatic is the better choice, because of the 80h power reserve, but it's much harder to find and much more expensive than the 2840

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                        Here is a nice slow motion video from the balance. Made with an iPhone 6


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                          brilliant write up. bravo!


                            Great work, thanks for sharing!


                              Thank you for sharing this. It should be stickied!

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