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Bought three watches from Tony at Asian7750

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    Bought three watches from Tony at Asian7750

    I bought three watches from Tony, the first a Breitling Avenger Seawolf SS RU with SS bracelet Yellow Swiss eta 2824-2 and additional black dive strap with deployment buckle.Started communication on April 26 2011 and received the watch May 12. Fast response (24hrs typically) good QC pics, pretty smooth transaction, everything as stated. Watch is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Second order was a black face Seawolf w bracelet and a DSSD. Pretty much the same as the first, without a hitch. I have a gen Colt GMT and I've compared the movements and pretty sure the rep's are swiss movements. Again, BEAUTIFUL WATCHES!!!

    He was very helpful in guiding me to best versions and movements. Both transactions consisted of 75 e-mails and I got the second order May 27th.

    Only down side I gave his contact info to a friend and he didn't hear back, could be my friend.

    I'd buy from him again, pleasant experience.

    75 email for each transaction? Oh man... that's a lot of back and forth. Typically my transactions consist of less than 10 emails total.




        I'm glad it went well. Most dealers would have quit dealing with you at 10-15 emails.
        And for the record - we have a standing rule here:

        Pics or it didn't happen!


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          Sorry Gents I'm new to the game.

          (the GMT on the right is a gen of mine, the other two are reps)

          It was my first purchase, the 75 was the total for both Tony and me for three watches, two shipments, and one watch was for a friend so there were a couple of extra questions. Plus they included setup for payment, shipping, etc.

          You guys are like pit bulls on a poodle :biglaugh:


            Holly shit!! 75 e-mails!?

            Even 70 e-mails is too much!! haha

            Here is Tony after recieving another email from IndyStan ..
            haha Nice watches BTW!!

            I've bought him 11 watches (about 30 e-mails... ) and everything ok.

            He's a great dealer!


              Sounds like Tony could really use live chat on his site, it would cut down on the e-mails, but this goes to show he's a good dealer!


                Bought for the first time a watch at Asian

                I bought also a watch (Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre) via Asian7750, everything went very well and the communication via Tony was great!

                Also shipping (4 days) and aftersales was very good!


                  May I ask why so many e-mails?
                  Originally posted by stevie7s
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                  Stats look about right. Most people under 25 these days can't tell time. And the ones over 55 don't want to anymore.


                    I just ordered three wathches and one of them is a DSSD, too. The one in the picture, is the ultimate version?