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Not secure site for payment

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    Not secure site for payment

    Good morning to all members, today I made my first order from Asian7750. This is the watch I ordered "".
    When I proceeded to make the payment I was directed to a site NOT SECURE. All internet shops redirect to a secure site to make payments. I am worried and still have not made the payment. I would like the advice of those who bought from Tony if he had problems. Sorry for my english not good but I'm Italian.

    I would email Tony if I were you and see how he wants payment. Our TD's are stand up. But that isn't to say that the site wasn't hacked and the payment screen is not correct. So email him and ask if that is indeed his payment page. Good luck and let us know what happens.
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      I wrote to Tony and this is the answers:

      "all are ok

      our payment access is no problem in the security .

      because our website is http , not https . so , if you open our website with the phone or some IE , it will show NOT SECURE website . I use my iphone to open our website is same . but it is safe .

      our payment access also safe , it is the biggest payment access company in China , we use it accept over 9 years , until now , no cusomer told me they lost the information .

      may be after you pay , the website will directly to a strange website . the reason is we did not change the back URL correct .



      Honestly, I do not know what to think


        I bought from Tony for 10K dollar plus now . not a single issue . he is little bit slow to replay but he always gets back to you


          It really doesn't matter if it's secure or unsecure. All payments are made privately via Western Union most of the time.