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    no answer?

    I have tried to contact the site? on email and so on
    but no respons? I would like to have a little talk before I want to spend 400-500 $
    IF there anyone who can say its okay to just go purchase at the site without communication?

    Sincerely Wulff

    As concern their respond, can take some days. Is this your first attemp to collaborate with a"store" in china?
    Do you know that reps conserned as "illegal" material in most countries that making wars just for blackmalling their congresses
    to fund their legal weapons manufacturers?

    Do you ever try having small talk with any other OEM manufacturers?
    Are you aware that millions in china doesn't talk english even at elementary level?

    I'm sure that you will find a lot of people that are allready been satisfied customers of asian 7750.
    But, please, read the sticky threads in sales that explain everything before you spent anything.

    There are not stores. You can't expect pre or after sales support, parts availability etc.
    Read, find others near you and ask about their Trusted Dealer (from now on "TD"), and have in mind that
    this hobby requires patience, a lot of!

    Last edited by JOP; 06-07-18, 14:58.