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Auction : JF Royal Oak 41mm 26574 SS/SS Blue A5134

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    Auction : JF Royal Oak 41mm 26574 SS/SS Blue A5134

    more pictures , please visit our website :
    The start Price is 228$. Highest price is not over 328$ . highest bidder will get it.if more than 2 members bid it over 328$ ,we will sell it to all (means will buy from our website directly ) .
    The last bidding time is 18:00 26th July 2017 (forum time)

    If no bidders yet, means this Auction go unsold . we also will close it .
    [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]After you bid this watch ,we will leave the message in this thread and send you the PM . but some countries need the triangle shipping , we can not ship now . sorry .
    We can accept VISA,Master ,bank transfer and western union . bank transfer will be 5% discount and western union is 10% . US members if want to pay with credit card ,we only can accept Master now .
    All the watches Auction also have the guarantee . the price do not include shipping cost

    this Auction is closed!![/COLOR]

    Did all the functions actually work?

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