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Estimated waiting time for QC pics and delivery

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    Estimated waiting time for QC pics and delivery

    Hi guys,

    Just placed my first order with Tony for a PAM090 on 29/11/2012. Gotten a reply from him payment has been received on 30/11/2012 and QC pics will be sent the following day. But still no news as of today

    is it usual for the waiting time for QC pics to take so long ?

    Thanks guys if you could advise me

    Hey, give Tony a little time. I bet he must be flooded with orders especially so during this festive season and together with his high volume sales from the crazy sales.


      thanks bro

      hopefully can hear some gd news by this week. between if QC pics have not be sent is it possible to change the order if its of the same value ?

      i'm deciding hard btw the initial PAM 090I and the noob PAM026 .. Any advice


        You have buyer remorse immediately after you made payment? That's fast! haha! Well... I never done that before, but you can email him and talk to him. I guess should be fine.

        I think those two watch look very different from one each another, why not consider getting both?
        I knew someone here who have 11 PAMs and looking to kidnap a 111N V3 this coming new year.


          hahahah , yeah man tell me abt it - all PAMs look great till it has gotten me fickle

          alright will try to email him to see if that can be worked out...

          Thanks bro for your advice !


            Good luck! =)


              QC PICS ARRIVED !

              Thanks alot Tony ! - hopefully delivery can be fast, cant wait !

              For your expert opinion guys ....