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A small review of a low-priced BR02 from Ufanta

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    A small review of a low-priced BR02 from Ufanta

    Ok. First of all – this is a newbie review, by a newbie for newbies. If you are a pro don’t bother reading any further. This is simply a too cheap and low-quality Rep for you, and so is this review. You will just find too many defects in both. However, if you are a beginner and in the market for an inexpensive, fun and fairly adequate replica – please continue. This is my first public review and English is not my mother tongue so have patience. I post this review here instead of in the Review section, where I assume the standards are supposedly higher.

    This is PHOTO comparison review with photos of the Gen taken from an offical site. I have not had the chance to compare with a gen â€at handâ€.

    I have been interested in this watch for some time, I think it is a good example of a modern style dive watch, and have been curious if it would suit me or if it would be too big for everyday use. (I do not dive on a daily basis. The last time was in 1988 I think. The Great Barrier Reef.) I picked this one up from Ufanta through iOffer after a tip from a fellow member. Ufanta caries a few creepy watches, but on the other hand he (she/they/it?) doesn’t exactly overcharge you. Not many places on the net where you can get an automatic Hublot for $45 (has anybody tried that one?). This BR02 cost me $70 + $20 for shipping. I should say this straight away: If you want safety I strongly recommend the recommended dealers in this forum, but at $90 I was willing to buy crap. The communications and shipment from Ufanta was without problems.

    Frontal view, official photo of Gen to the left, my Rep at the right

    Horizontal case diameter (excluding crown) is 44mm like the Gen. Fonts and numerals ok. All markers and text are on the Rep, and the text/dial is very crisp and clear. (The circle around the &-sign is full in both Gen and Rep. Looks like the line is broken on the Gen but that is the â€back wing†of the second hand covering part of it.) The dial on the Rep seems a little darker than the Gen? The second hand is a bit too short. The datewheel is actually not so bad on this Rep. I have seen several Reps for sale with a white date wheel, or with the wrong angle of the numbers on the datewheel, but this one is pretty good, although the date numerals (and the date aperture?) is probably too small.

    Crown guards are ok, but a bit too tight around the main crown. The main crown is thicker than on the Gen and the Rep crowns lack the black rubber sleeve you find on the Gen. The internal bezel is operated with the upper crown which on the Gen is a screw-in crown and the bezel is notched moving unidirectionally. On the Rep the upper crown is not screw-in and the inner bezel is bidirectional without clicks, however very smooth to manoeuvre without being too loose. The main crown is screw-in.

    Back case

    Could only find a photo of the PVD version. The font of the cirkular text is a bit smaller on the Rep, but all the text is there. The &-sign is â€carved out†on the Gen, as opposed to the Rep where it is polished in contrast to the rough surface surrounding it. You can see that the HE valve is incorrect in size (and colour?). More on that later.

    Crown views – not the same angle unfortunately

    Not much to say. Rubber sleeve missing. The blue coating on the main crown on the Rep is probably some kind of protection, I’ll get rid of that later. Outer markings on the crowns are ok.

    HE valve side – only PVD version of Gen and from a wrong angle.

    Although hard to see on the photos the Gen is thicker, both the case and the case back which is more protruding. I haven't found any data on thickness of the gen. Anybody? The HE valve is fairly good (and of course just for show), although too thin and maybe different in colour.

    Strap and buckle

    Rubber strap with insignia etc on the right places. The strap on the Gen is â€pre-curved†whereas the Rep one is straight but not too stiff and defintely comfortable. The â€BR†etching on the buckle should be in a larger font and more pronounced.

    Lume - couldn’t find a lume shot of the gen.

    When ordering I asked Ufanta about the lume and got the response that there was none what so ever. But there is actually a fair Rep lume. On the numerals. Not on the hands (4.38 in this shot). So when you wake up at night you will know you are wearing your watch but not what time it is. (Which is usually enough for us isn’t it? )

    Wrist shot

    I was afraid that it would be too big for my 7½ inch wrist but it looks great and is quite comfortable. Even my wife thinks it is smashing which says a lot! (She's one helluva watch critic.) I usually wear it more proximal than in this photo, with the distal part of the watch about 4-5 cm above the wrist joint.

    I have not taken the watch apart so I don’t know what movement is in it. PATerai wrote a review on a Ufanta PVD BR02 and found an unknown movement: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=38107. I don’t know if it is the same movement in mine. At least the datewheels are different, and I don’t have the â€rattling problem†in mine. It is about 5 seconds plus per day which is fine by me.

    When it comes to water resistance I only got down to 695 m before the crystal cracked, but you can’t get it all for $70 I guess. I was out of breath at that point anyway. Next time I'll bring those tubes along. And a real butt-freeze was it as well...

    Overall: This is certainly a stunning watch and the Rep is actually not bad. Definitely good value for money as far as I am concerned! I bought this cheap one with the intention of buying a better Rep if it suited me. It most definitely is a piece for me, but I'm not sure where to find a better Rep. What bothers me most is that the Gen is thicker, or at least I think it is. Someone give me some Gen data please! On the other hand a thicker one may look a bit off wearing at work...

    ...and this watch that turned into a hamster, what was the point of that?

    Looking for PAM055 with a white dial

    Really good job on this review! I like these watches and plan to buy one in the near future. I enjoyed this because it is the first time I have seen the rep and the gen side by side. It appears that the differences although obvious when comparing the watches side by side, they do not appear to be so glaring that the handful of people out there that might know what this watch is, could possibly call it on cursory glance. I have a 7.25" wrist and do not have a problem with watches up to 45mm. This looks very good on you in your wrist shot. Very nicely done, thanks for your time and effort. I will look forward to seeing your next watch in review.
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      Nice review & a nice looking watch.

      I've had my eye on this one too. Might be a bit big for me but at that price, no great loss.


        Good job. Isn't it the simplest things sometimes that make us happy. You got a decent watch for a low investment. What more can I say but congrats.
        Noobs! Look here before you buy!

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        People will assume your gen is a fake before they presume your fake is a gen...if they care at all.


          Advise that if this is an fm review,

          save and copy before

          it is take down!


            @klink: Eeeeh? "FM review"?

            ...and this watch that turned into a hamster, what was the point of that?

            Looking for PAM055 with a white dial



              Ok, I read the thread you are referring to. No, I'm not him. I am me. Too bad that review was taken down by the way - it was really good.

              ...and this watch that turned into a hamster, what was the point of that?

              Looking for PAM055 with a white dial


                allthough not a fan from B&R, I'm getting a nice feeling on this one, tnx for sharing ,


                  Really nice review.. This is what I 'm looking for Thanks..


                    Nice review, thanks
                    Movement??? ... PATeri review looks like a21j


                      I would be interested in BR-02 Chrono! Do you have? I would buy one!
                      Thanks Advance