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Rose Gold to end Glasshütte / A.Lange / Bregeut

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    Rose Gold to end Glasshütte / A.Lange / Bregeut

    Hi everybody,

    I am Stéphane, from Paris, France, new to the forum.

    I need your help to identify a good dealer... What I am looking for :

    A TOP LEVEL quality replica in ROSE GOLD (minimum plating : 5 min and up), SWISS MOVEMENT, real SAPPHIRE, in the following brands :

    A. LANGE & SOHNE (Lange 1 Ursa Major or Southern Cross), GLASHUTTE (Senator or Panomatic Lunar, PanoDate or Panoserve) or BREGUET (Classique models).

    I also LOVE the H. MOSER & Co Perpetual 1 (also in RG), but it seems nobody sa far proposes a replica...

    I check with Josh and Andrew, but they apparently cannot manufacture RG, Swiss version, of the GLASHUTTE, A.LANGE / BREGUET listed in there catalogs.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Very best regards to U all


    Stephane you better look to the dealers and i think they will help you on what is on the market.


      talk to PT



        Do U mean Precious Time or Pure Time ?...

        Any email to contact them ?

        Merci !!!


          Welcome to forum, but you will never find a top grade Lange & Söhne.
          As far as i know they ara all crap, also with the Glashütte ones.

          The Lange 1 is a beatyfull watch. I want it to, and i know i will get it in the future if my dad will finally give it to me, in about 20 years lol.

          I wish you all the luck finding this nice watches

          Greetings Navi


            Thanks everybody for the precious comments !...

            I understand that it will be difficult, actually, to find really top level Lang&Söhne replicas...

            What about the Glashütte models proposed by Andrew ? They amm have asian movements, which is not exactly what I wanted, but the pics look nice...

            Your advice for BREGUET ? Any dealer can provide truly descent ones ?

            Thansk you again for your help...


              They may look nice. I have not owned any glashutte, breguet, or AL reps. I've seen breguet reps in perseon, and they are nice, good weight, but have an asian movement in it, so the caseback showing hte movement is not all that glamorous.

              also accuracy suffers a bit - fonts will be incorrect, etc etc...

              If anything, i would opt for the A&L with a seagull/venus/lemania movement. That is probably the only one with a nice movement, caseback, and working chrono/moonphase.

              The movement though is a dead giveaway to rep i've seen an A&L datograph in person, and the movement is just astounding (soooo shiney!).

              If i were to buy between the glash, breg, or A&L and want a nice quality, i probalby go A&L or breguet with manual wind - (i've noticed a lot of swiss movements on breguet that aren't decorated... )

              maybe andrew's AS005C - Datograph Chrono/Moon Phase Black - Lemania ?
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