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Noob v7 sub waterproof?

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    Noob v7 sub waterproof?

    Hey guys on most of the tds sites they say the water are 50 m waterproof is this right

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    Nothing is waterproof except fish. And some fish have trouble at certain depths.

    No manufacturer or watch technician will guarantee your watch to be waterproof.


    There was major litigation in the 1960s and 1970s from consumer protection groups. There may have been at least one death attributed to underwater diving, due to watch failure in combination with air supply left in tanks. In other countries, many watch makers and even some watch manufacturers were forced out of business after they were sued, as the consumer protection laws are very strict in other countries. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission stated that no watch ever be labeled waterproof again.

    Does that mean your watch wont stand up to the water?

    Not really, but it keeps all of us selling and servicing watches from being sued because the responsibility now rests with the consumer.

    Oh yeah.

    I forgot that rep watch makers didn't get that memo ;-)


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      Ok thank you ,does that mean I can't swim in the sub then

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        Op, its a gamble. The watches are illegaly made in mobile factories. Quality assurance isnt their top priority.

        That being said, my first noob v7 survived many showers and shallow wading in south beach.

        These days i recommend everyone get anl gen rolex crystal for their rolwx reps. If you do, have your modder test it for water resistance. My current franken passed at 6ATM. I have great peace of mind.

        Tldr; its a gamble. You can hire someone to seal your watch if you want to feel better about it.


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            Agree fully with 24702f2.8ii.
            Ask your watchmaker to test the watch for water resistance, the testresult will tell you if you can swim with your rep or better not.

            I have my Noob v7 serviced and also tested for water resistance. Result was perfect, waterproof at 10 ATM. Possibly I'm a lucky guy, possibly others received a bad sample which is not waterproof.